• 📁 Access your Data You can store your files, contacts, calendars and more on a server of your choosing.
  • 📦 Sync your Data You keep your files, contacts, calendars and more synchronized amongst your devices.
  • 🔄 Share your Data You share your data with others, and give them access to your latest photo galleries, your calendar or anything else you want them to see.
  • 🖼️ You can see your pictures with the Gallery app.
  • ☁️ All Benefits of the Cloud …on your FDR Server, encrypted.
  • 🔒 Encryption You can encrypt data in transit with secure https connections. Your data are encrypt on storage for improved security and privacy.
  • 💉 A Antuvirus always scan new files for more security.
  • Full Text Search in the web interface essentially only finds file names
  • Unlimited file size Due to its architecture, WeHostFiles enables users to store and share files of any sizes
  • WebDAV Integration enables users to integrate their cloud into their file manager as a network folder using the WebDAV API.

Security protects you even when you don’t realize it

  • Antivirus : makes sure files are scanned on upload to avoid infections with viruses, trojans, and other malicious code.
  • Encryption : In-transit encryption is active by default and by design using HTTPS connections and the latest TLS protocol. Files can be encrypted server-wide and/or End-to-End.

Sending and Downloading Files with Ease

  • User & Group based authentication.
  • Ability to upload Folders directly in supported browsers
  • Unlimited Files Size.
  • No Flash, Java or any other plugin used to send or download files.
  • No browser tweaks or browser reconfiguration required to send or download files.
  • Each message is sent with an expiration date, the message can’t be viewed and the files attached will be automatically deleted on expiration.
  • Multiple files can be automatically ziped and downloaded as one zip archive.

Share Files as easy as possible

  • Public sharing links enable users to share files or folders with contacts outside their organization quickly and easily.
  • Protect links with passwords and expiration dates and even create multiple links to the same file or folder with different passwords or expiry dates or both.
  • Users can Receive files from external parties with no prior registration.
  • Users can Request files from external parties that won’t need to register to send files back from the request.

Desktop and Mobile Sync

  • The Desktop App enables users to access and share files and folders stored in ownCloud as if they were stored on their computer – because they are. Continuous synchronization to and from the server provides ease of use combined with comprehensive access control.
  • Mobile app enables users to access and share their files and folders safely and comfortably on their mobile devices.